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I am an expat

Are you looking for a permanent or temporary property lease, but you have no idea how to find it?

Look no further and check out our listings or submit a search query!

Taking your requirements into account, we will search and provide you with a choice of suitable homes.
Using our large network of homeowners, investors and real estate partners, your chances of finding the property you want are looking good.

If you want to submit a search request, then the service includes the following:

* We will inventory your wishes and needs;
* We will analyze the market and prepare a suitable advice* We will search for suitable residential properties;
* We will accompany and evaluate viewings and provide information on one or more residential properties;
* We will give you advice on the local housing market, occupancy permits, registration in the municipal database and similar matters;
* We will propose you to potential landlords as a potential tenant and making an effort to have the rental of the property awarded to you.;
* We will analyze and check the lease agreement, to discuss discrepancies and questions you might have
* We will accompany you to property inspection, check the inventory list and create a portfolio of pictures
* We can, insofar as you wish, assist in: taking over items from previous tenants, maintenance contracts, the removal, transport/purchase of contents, finding tradesman, wallpapering and/or laying floors etc.;
* We can, insofar as you wish, arrange telephone and Internet connections and connection to utilities.

Have you already found the property you desire? Choose a combination of our services to suit your needs.

Successfull mediation?

The following will be charged:
* A mediation fee of one month rent after tax;
* The payment of the first month’s rent;
* A security deposit (variation between one and three months of rent) returned to you at end of the lease, provided that the property is clean and empty.

What if we cannot find a suitable property for you? No cure no pay!