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Search Query

Finding and renting a residential property is a serious matter and can be quet challeging.

However, with the right advice and some research, it is certainly possible to find the perfect house in this popular market.

You can view our immediately available offers, but of course also request a search query with us. This means that we will look for you to find a suitable house.

By using our network of homeowners, investors and brokers the chance of success is guaranteed!

What are the costs of a successful mediation?

  • Brokerage commission of one month’s rent plus VAT
  • In some cases, administrative costs of approximately € 175 excluding VAT, which are charged by the property owner in the account
  • Payment of the first months rent
  • Deposit (different from one to three months). This will get you returned at the end of the rental period if the property is delivered. According to contractual agreements

If we don’t find the right house? Then we work on a ‘no cure no pay’ basis.
Custom services have adjusted rates.